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Mytra fusion Wrist straps help athlete in improving strength and stability by shifting some weight to wrists. It not only help athlete in improving grip strength but also forearm strength as well by reducing the chances of tissue injuries and failed lifts.

Advanced stitching techniques makes these wrist straps durable stretchable strong and sturdy. Extended width giving athlete more protection, support and more room to adjust.

Bio-dri liner designed to absorb moisture, giving athlete the feeling of fresh dry wrists. Anti-microbial fabric prevents itching and skin irritation.

Mytra fusion’s prime quality wrist straps gives athlete a perfect fit without messing with athlete’s blood circulation or causing stiffness.

These wrist straps are recommended to be used for fitness and weight lifting.

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Mytra fusion superior cotton made wrist straps are made to give athlete the freedom he deserves to have while weight lifting, body building, sparring and power lifting. This strap is precisely designed to offer maximum support without taxing the athlete with extra burden. Heavy duty stitching with double seam and laser trimming provides the desirous strength and makes it durable. These ultra versatile Mytra fusion’s wrist straps are highly recommended for power lifting, dead lifts, rows, pull-ups and pull downs. Besides providing ultimate support these straps aid in building stronger wrists. Ideal length and width makes it a must have for both beginners and advanced athletes.

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