Mytra Fusion Wrist Straps Weight Lifting Neoprene Wrist Straps Gym Wrist Support


Mytra Fusion’s neoprene and nylon mixed Wrist wraps help athlete in improving strength and stability by providing ultimate support to athlete during fitness training.
It helps athlete in improving forearm strength as well by reducing the chances of tissue injuries. These wrist wraps stabilizes the joints, allowing athlete to train insane.
These Mytra Fusion’s wrist wraps are ideal in prevention of common injuries like carpal tunnel, syndesmoises, tendinitis and wrist strains.
Advanced X-UV padding combined with loop closure provides athlete the support and protection he deserves to have during fitness training.
Ideal for body builders, power lifters, cross fitters and other fitness trainers.

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Padded wrist straps are newest and finest addition to Mytra Fusion’s protection accessories. Professional grade wrist supports are designed specifically for insane fitness training. Advanced top grade padding serves athlete with unmatched backing to athlete from tennis elbow, tendinitis, arthritis and other common wrist injuries. These Mytra fusion padded wrist wraps are high recommended to be used in overhead lifts, pressing movements and effort lifts. One good reason to go with these Mytra Fusion wrist wraps is they do not limit strength development and allows athlete to practice hard. loop closure provides more support to athletes than the other wrist wraps. If you’re looking for professional grade wrist wraps in affordable price than you should definitely gives these Mytra Fusion’s fitness wrist wraps a try.

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