Mytra Fusion Real Leather Target Focus Mitt for Boxing, Punching, Training and Kick Boxing



  • Made from superior quality genuine leather and strengthened JML-stitching guarantees durability and the maximized strike depth ensure optimal protection. High quality real leather makes it durable and easier to clean & maintain.
  • The GX- fiber composition makes this strike shield light weight and easy to carry. Light weight design ensures less trainer fatigue and removes the extra burden assuring unobstructed mobility, making it a best Focus Mitt for heavy hitters.
  • Advanced JGB-interior finishing and breathable fabric absorb maximum amount of sweat keeping your hands fresh and dry during your training session. Genuine leather being skin friendly in nature prevents itching and skin irritation.
  • It incorporates all necessary anti-microbial properties, reducing the chances of bacterial infection to minimum. Added padding at the knuckles and wrists provides extra cushioning and minimizes the risk of injuries.
  • With CYTX-Mesh technology, arm rest and being light weighted makes it best to be used in training drills, boxing, kick boxing, MMA, Martial Arts and Focus Mitt workouts. Mytra’s Focus Mitt aids in improving fighting strategy, defense, punching techniques and fighting reflexes. This real leather constructed strike shield makes the best training partner for trainers who are looking to train at a professional level.
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Mytra Fusion presents another advanced technology light weight Focus Mitt that is designed to be ultra-tough to withstand the wildest blows, padded to the max for impact protection, breathable to prevent sweat and odors and finished with a pro curve design that guards the athlete’s hand. With multi layers of padding it provides unbeatable resistance from the incoming punches. Lower wrist padding reduces wrist injuries and allows trainer to survive deadly blows. Harder striking side gives athlete a tough competition. Eliminated finger pockets help in stronger grip and perfect fitting. Enhanced grip tech feature is a great addition to this focus mitt, providing trainer a secure fit. Multi-layered padding enhances protection and impact absorption. PTX- lock mechanism holds the padding firmly together thus helps in maintaining its shape. Interior finishing helps in disseminating the impact of force to the whole pad. If you are looking for a reliable training partner then this Focus Mitt is ideal for you.

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