Mytra Fusion N7 6 Inch Weight Lifting Belt



  • FLEX-NEOPRENE: Crafted from Flex Treated Neoprene which is firm, insanely durable and water resistant makes it ideal to be used in training session. Premium synthetic neoprene features precision and heavy-duty stitching guarantees safety and stability during intense use for a long haul.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: This weightlifting support brace help protect athlete’s spine and lower back when lifting heavy weights, reducing the chances of injury while maintaining the proper form. These weightlifting belts are ideal during squat lifts, military presses, deadlifts, power cleans, overhead squats, clean and jerks, powelifts, crossfits, barbell rows and gives the optimal support and stability that no other weightlifting belt can match.
  • METAL BUCKLE FASTENER: Metal buckle allows easy application and adjustable to athletes’ body shape. Its rigid and sturdy design offers customizable fit by holding the body in proper posture promising unbeatable comfort, support and safety.
  • LUMBER PADDING, ANTI-MICROBIAL PROPERTIES: Thickly cushioned lumber padding to add maximized comfort and safety to your workout routine. Embeds an anti-microbial material with vented perforations for moisture wicking, bacterial and odor preventing properties.
  • MULTIPLE SIZE OPTIONS: Available in 6″(S-XL) allowing the athlete to select as per his size.
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The Mytra weight lifting belt is a competition quality belt made of ultra-durable Flex Treated Neoprene designed to withstand the strains of heavy loads. Its light weight and less bulky design do not hamper range of motion. Carefully designed shape that is slender above the hips, broad across the middle of the back, and that can be easily adjusted across the belly reduces stress paced on back and spine. Metal buckle fastener ensures snugness at its perfection by offering plenty of support to the athlete’s core and spine. Lumber padding with anti microbial material not only offers comfort but also aids in treatment to the back pain.

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