Mytra Fusion Kids Boxing Hand Wraps 2.5 Meters

  • Advanced FGV-Anti-microbial treatment helps in healing wounds and injuries quickly. It keeps the bandages clean and odor free for longer period of time. GMB- moistening treatment keeps your hands well moisturized during your prolonged training session.
  • It is hypoallergenic, soft, and breathable is perfect fit for young athletes with sensitive skin. Its strong fabric keep its shape and resists extreme wear and tear. Premium cotton ensures color retention good absorbency, high tensile strength and drapes well.
  • Advanced GX-fastening system provides snugness at its perfection and locks these bandages to its place. It provides optimal support to the hand and wrist and assures maximized stability and safety.
  • Formulated with Advanced KRX-sweat wicking technology evacuates sweat reaching your gloves and makes your glove useful for long haul. Its biodegradable properties make it environmentally friendly and fights against bacterial growth.
  • Integrated advanced GXT-Compression technology provides soothing warmth to injured hand. It aids in reducing swelling and provides support to sprained wrists.

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Product description:

Mytra Fusion’s Junior Boxing MMA hand wraps bandages offer 2.5 meters of joint securing figure padding protection that will comfortably fit in most boxing gloves or can serve as sole hand protection for training, grappling or mix martial arts. These Cotton Bandage act as inner hand wraps for boxing gloves ideal for providing excellent support to your wrist joint during prolonged training sessions and saves your wrist from horrible wrist injuries. Cotton fabric being high moisture wicking fabric doesn’t let your glove absorb sweat and eliminates wet and clammy feeling. It aids in maximizing your boxing gloves usability. High flexibility, Non-woven material ensures easy removal. It keeps your bones and tissues compressed so you can train harder without having to worry about pain and injury. These multipurpose bandages can be used as recovery bandages by providing relief to dislocation and strains. If you want to train harder and longer without getting your wrist strained then these cotton bandages are ideal to be worn underneath your boxing gloves. It embeds all the features that make it ideal to be used in training, professional competition, combat, punching drill, boxing, MMA, Martial Arts, Sparring, weight lifting and Muay Thai.

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