Mytra Fusion Free Standing Punching Bag with water base for Boxing MMA Muay Thai Training Workout Punching Sparring Kicking

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BALANCED WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: The heavy, low-profile base and ultra-stable weight distribution ensure that no matter how hard you punch, it keep you training hard and getting fit. Balanced weight distribution when filled and this makes this freestanding punch bag the ideal item for any home gym, no matter on how strong you are, or how much space you have.
DURABLE: The Mytra Free-Standing Fitness Punching Bag is seriously high quality and is sure to last for years. This durable and strong punch bag is not for the light-hearted but is sure to benefit those who are up to the challenge.
IMPACT ABSORPTION: The advanced technology enhances the overall strength it is designed to absorb impact for the greater resistance. The plastic base tank of the product can be easily filled with up to 270 pounds of water or sand to the only stand against even the sturdiest boxing as well as MMA strikes
HAND-EYE COORDINATION: The Mytra Boxing Bag features a moderately-sized bag mounted onto a spring-action metal stand that helps to build stamina and develop hand-eye coordination. It also offers better impact and absorption along with the recoil for learning the counter striking skill.
HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION: No restrictions on your movements around the bag and It offers ease of assembly so that you do not have to call for technicians to install it. It can be set up within minutes, so athletes can work off some steam whenever they want.

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The Mytra rough-and-ready punching bag will help you ramp up your speed, strengthen your sparring combinations the Kick Bag is designed with aspiring martial artists and boxers in mind. It has high-impact foam on the inside, and the base can be filled with water or sand for stability. The printed logo provides a clear target to aim at. The bag brings the best of both worlds together in a design that incorporates a water-filled core encased in a foam layer with a sturdy vinyl treated synthetic leather outer shell. With some tap water and the Mytra punching bag you’ve got all you need to work on your power, agility, accuracy and poise for as long as you and your knuckles can stand it — and with no solid contents to shift or develop hard spots, that could be a while. It features a durable cover with wear-resistant stitching that enhances the overall sturdiness. For a reliable workout partner that won’t tire out before you do or kick you when you’re down, the Mytra MMA Heavy Bag is a solid choice. Its synthetic leather canvas shell and resilient fill material resist weather and wear for use indoors or out.


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