Mytra Fusion Elasticated Wrist Wraps With Thumb Loop SP1



  • FOCUSED SUPPORT: The one size fit all elasticated wrap is designed to provide ultimate support during extreme training. These wraps have a concentrated area of focus when they wrap your wrist, and will ensure that your wrist is supported in the exact place you need.
  • LIFT WITH CONFIDANCE: Mytra Fusion has created a simple wrist wrap that is perfect for all those who are lifting every day. You may lift with confidence because you have a wrist wrap that helps you prevent injury, and you may wear the wrap when you have been hurt in the past.
  • PROTECTION: Mytra Fitness power wrap is made for training, and it is designed for someone who is searching for a simpler way avoid another injury. Made from combination of premium polyester, nylon, and rubber, featuring an adjustable compression to protect the wrist while doing work out.
  • ENHANCED ABILITIES: The support that you have in the wrist wrap will help you take on larger weights, and you will have an easier time moving about the gym. You will find manipulating the weights to be simple, and you will be more comfortable doing simple tasks.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This is a wrap that was made to be as ergonomic as possible to will help you take on larger weights, and you will have an easier time moving about the gym. You are making a calculated effort to keep your wrists healthy, and you will find it simpler to do so when you are wearing a wrap that is this heavy in the area you need.
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Made with Ultra-strong elastic combined with soft cotton and polyester to produce a secure, feel-good fit. The heavy-duty material will stand up to even the toughest workouts. They’re extra wide and feature double stitching for durability as well as a strap closure and reinforced thumb loop to keep them in place while lifting. The Mytra wrist wrap will keep you supported through cleans, handstand presses, and other exercises. And there’s no need to worry about working up a major sweat with these one-size-fits-all heavy-duty elastics material blend that actually absorbs moisture. A thumb loop plus a Swift-Z closure ensure a perfect, secure fit when you’re in the box. These wraps offers exceptional support for bodybuilding and other activities and still feels comfortable on the wrist. You can also use them for Olympic lifting, gymnastics, yoga, and more.

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