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  • TAKE TRAINING TO NEXT LEVEL: Single playing devices weather mitts thai pad or paddle can only expect strick from one direction which means you need to continuously change direction if you want to expect multi direction strike With the mytra strike pad you can train your strike at any angle in any succession and at any time Without out changing the position of striking surface to enhance accuracy.
  • IMPROVISE STRIKES: Mytra Strike pad makes it possible by allowing the coach to easily position himself to put pressure on a fighter attack or retrieve, this trains the fighters to react and responds to real time fight situations that can only be experienced in a cage or a ring. The fighter is now free to improvise his attacks at a high intensity without the risk of injury from a full contact sparring session.
  • HOLDING MYTRA STRIKE PAD: Your arms should be in arm forward position with your shoulder wowed forward at a 45 degree angle. Don’t extend or don’t hold close it to your body. Ergonomic grip handle inside strike pad is engineered to keep your wrist protected comfortable and out of harm’s way.
  • PRECISION: The force of each kick, punch, knee, and elbow on the pad gives both the fighter and the coach visual and sensory feedback that allow them to feel exactly how effective a strike is. The same punch or kick can land in multiple way on the opponent head but only one is a knock out. This Strike pad allows the fighter to track their strike with realistic movement on a topographically accurate surface to develop pin point accuracy and increase their ability to land a knockout punch.
  • ACCURACY: Throwing combinations on traditional focus mitt causes a fighter cross his own technique decreasing his accuracy. With the all strike the fighter is hitting one target which increases the striking precision and accuracy. Being able to move and improvise with mytra strike pad changes a traditional mitt workout for memorized choreography to a spontaneous sparring session.

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Mytra Fusion Dummy Focus Pad is a trainer’s delight. Made from high quality plastisol filled with urethane foam to resist extreme punches and kicks which give a real time punching training options. This punching dummy enhances the training needs of the athletes and is constructed to assist the trainers for sparring sessions. This Focus Dummy Target Pad is specifically designed for the fighters to test their skills in boxing, punching, sparring, and kicking. Perfect training partner great for precision as it enhances the accuracy for a boxers in the rings and fighters in the cage. Equipped with a Double-XR hard composition this boxing gear is provides great resistance to the punches and yet provide real time situation to boost up the energy and techniques. The Mytra Training tool Focus mitt is great because you can actually see the eyes nose ears and face comes with an ergonomically designed comfortable and durable handle for perfect grip and handle tilt stability. The Mytra Striking target is Lite weight and gives actual face striking options for Palm strike ,Elbow Jabs, back hand, upper cuts, hooks and enhanced eye and hand coordination. This gear can proved to be a great Boxing Training aid, Martial Arts Armory which provide Realistic striking surface made from GCFR Soft and rugged rubber which is durable and can be used extensively in longer sessions.


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