Mytra Fusion Boxing Bob Dummy Wall Fixed


DURABILITY: Mytra uses a Poly Plastisol outer, that is not only exceptionally durable but it is also easy to clean. The Urethane foam inner absorbs the impact of your strike and distributes it easily causing less shock to you. When paired you have a match made for comfort and durability that will last through your most grueling training sessions.

BUILT THE SKILL: Built with fighter in mind, this lifelike punching target will help them hone their skills as they start down the path of their chosen martial art. In addition, it is durable, easy to clean, and easy to store. When looking for truly great equipment you can always rely on Mytra.

REALISTIC TRAINING: obviously, the whole point of a body opponent bag is the realistic training that it offers. When it comes to the Mytra Wall Fixed Bob Dummy, this bag gives fighter the shape of a head and torso but without the base.

VERSATILE WORKOUT USES: While most dummies are used for martial arts, this one is made with fitness enthusiasts in mind. Whether you love cardio, boxing, or high intensity fitness routines this option will let you do it all. Get the most out of your home gym and really put your skill to the test.

REAL FEEL: Realistic training with advanced technology is what we are seeing here. Real feel and look with a variety of training situations. It aids in Improving Striking Accuracy and has the tendency to handle Full Force Training

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The Mytra Body Opponent Bag (BOB), has been trusted and loved for quite some time now as it can accommodate a large variety of people. In addition, the realistic weight and feel will allow your skill to advance while you train in your home gym. If all of your training is done at home, this will be the perfect practice partner. Mytra Precision Training Bob Dummy is considered to be the prime choices for fighter to showcase and test their aggression and skills with human looking punching target. Made from high quality plastisol filled with urethane foam to resist extreme punches and kicks and gives plenty of options for the trainers and athletes. This Wall Fixed Boxing Target is specifically designed for the fighters to test their skills specifically punching, sparring, grappling, chocking and kicking. Perfect training partner great for precision as it enhances the accuracy for a boxers in the rings. Equipped with a Double-XR hard composition this boxing gear is provides great resistance to the punches. Perfect training partner great for precision as it enhances the accuracy for a boxers in the rings.


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